Friday morning at the IHOP parking lot in late June of 1996 with several of the sleds huddled together.

Here we have the mighty Grumbler who finally realized that he couldn't zip up his jacket with his chest puffed out like that.

Giggling like a bunch of schoolgirls at the IHOP parking lot, we have FEH, JW, RRB & Surfer as they break for their sleds. It was time to hit the road and head north to Lincoln!

Looks like sum R&R Slackers in Steve's pasture out in rural Lincoln later that same afternoon. Going counterclockwise seems as if we have Barry, Jeff, Surfer, Dr. Steve and FEH.

Saturday am: 193-Newcastle-80-Auburn-49-Cool-193-Georgetown for brekkie. 193-Placerville-50-Pollock Pines-Sly Park Rd-Jenkinson Lake-Mormon Emigrant Trail-88-Kirkwood-89-Lake Tahoe-89- Tahoe City-89-Truckee-80-20-Nevada City-49-Auburn-Lincoln.

Saturday morning. Corner Kitchen in Georgetown issa tiny brekkie joint with model trains running overhead. Cool hot rod parked outside.

Here's a bunch of well fed riders and their wheels. The dude with his foot up in the air seems to be FEH trying to peel a piece of gum off his boot.

Left Coast dirtbags getting ready to rumble just like in West Side Story.

The Right Coast dirtbags. Everyone was tense, with butterflies in their guts as they questioned their perspective on reality. Actually, these two pixs above were taken from different vantage points in Georgetown.

Viewed from the northern angle, we continue to see nothing but bikes and here's Mike Plant enjoying a smoke on far right.

In this piccie is Dr. Steve's back while JW crouches down and cuts one. ;^)

JW, Dr. Steve and FEH at the Chevron gas station in Pollock Pines.

Pix features the group parked out on Mormon Emigrant Trail next to Jenkinson Lake after which we rode out to Kirkwood.

Overview of Jenkinson Lake. Most of us had never seen it before. As we rode north on Mormon Emigrant Trail, we could see the snowcapped mountains as we approached Kirkwood.

Photo doesn't do justice to the gorgeous scenery in Kirkwood.

Another photo of Kirkwood with some of the bikes in foregound at the Shell gas station here. We savored the majestic views for quite awhile before continuing non-stop to Tahoe City.

Barry standing on deck of the mini-shack as he gazed out upon the Sierra Nevada and filled his lungs with fresh mountain air. In the back was nature's urinal for full bladders.

This here pix was taken from the mini-shack and looks east towards the restaurant and gift shop next to the Shell gas station.

Photo was taken at the Black Bear joint in Tahoe City. The folks there decided to open early for us as a private party which was very, very kewl of them.

Grumbler and Steve sitting on patio of Black Bear discussing the relative merits of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Sierra Nevada Stout while Ken Pon and Mike Plant ponder how to avoid getting stiffed with the tab.

This is the Nevada City Brewery which was closed so, in a fit of rage, a number of hardcore bikers decided to piddle all over the property. So that's how we pissed away the day. =8^)

Geo Cohn and Grumbler handled the shutter flicking on this page.